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Plooshie LLC was created in 2015 after founder Essie made the transition from chemically straightening her hair to her natural texture and realized there was no attractive rain hat available to protect her hair after a blow out. Out of a need to protect her curly and natural textured hair from the unpredictable Georgia weather, Essie created a waterproof hat that would maintain the wearers hairstyle or curl pattern while presenting a classic and versatile design that would complement casual, business or formal attire


On the way to sourcing “The Ultimate Rain Hat”, Plooshie also released some of Essie’s favorite hair protection accessories that all work to make the natural hair journey a bit easier. Items that protect hair while sleeping, while washing your face and while running those weekend errands were released to rave reviews by friends and supporters.


Plooshie is committed to bringing you stylish, creative solutions to everyday hair issues that cost you time and sometimes gives you stress. The Plooshie team is excited to have you try our products as we know you will love them as much as we do.